The Best (and Worst) of Samsung’s Anti-Apple Ads

Samsung has a long and problematic history of repackaging Apple’s product ideas. Even their marketing follows this tired formula. In this ad campaign they choose to loosely riff off the “I’m a Mac” campaign again shunning originality.

This series was shown on YouTube rather than broadcast TV. That’s a particularly odd choice considering most YouTube watchers make sport out of avoiding commercials. For that reason it went largely unnoticed.

This montage has roughly the same number of clever jabs as it does painful cringes. The overall effect is that these cancel out and it’s hard to tell the hero from the villain. It doesn’t help that the Android shoppers in these ads are often snarky millennials. The Apple “Ungenious” actually comes across as the more likeable albeit awkward character.

Recent consumer surveys have shown more new phone buyers are likely to switch in favor of Apple rather than Android. There’s nothing new in these ads to reverse that trend. The “Apple fans are sheeple” mantra has worn itself thin. Samsung does a decent job of bashing Apple but failed to even show their own product on the screen.

Also noteworthy that Samsung only knocks Apple regarding their hardware and costs. Market research shows, however, it’s actually iOS itself and the marriage of hardware and software that gives the iPhone the upper hand.

Check out the video here:

⓱opinion – the Unapologetically Imperfect iPhone 7

Scars aren’t defects – they are survival stories. It’s healthiest to wear them boldly and not conceal them in shame. They are a testament to durability – not a sign of weakness.

Admiring my worn and weathered Apple devices I’m reminded of a favorite scene from ‘Jaws’. Spielberg and Benchley expressed it masterfully…

I’m actually a little disappointed that my Series 0 Apple Watch still looks brand new. Some scratches would add character. My other watches hint at stories of journey and adventure.

That’s why I’m not going to worry about “micro-abrasions” on my new iPhone 7. I’ll carry it in my pocket without a case – scars be damned. 

⓱talent – this 12 Year Old Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Philospher is Captivating [video links]

I am decidedly not a fan of reality TV as a genre. Nevertheless, there have been occasional stand out performances on the talent shows.

This Aug 30 performance by 12 year old Grace Vanderwaal is truly inspirational. She has many musical gifts and brings a fresh outlook to her art. She writes her own original songs, plays the ukele exceptionally and she sings like an angel – and she does it all live in front of a national TV audience. She is charming in a manner that cannot be ascribed to mere “stage presence”. It takes a special talent to bring an entire audience to tears.

It’s even worth watching the cheesy production of her backstory at the beginning of this video – she is the most quotable person I’ve seen come from the quagmire that is reality TV.

Light The Sky


Quote (song lyric): “Cause the stars are dull when they’re compared to you and I – And if people don’t like it then they can close their eyes”


More awesomeness from Grace:

Beautiful Thing

Quote (song lyric): “You think that you know my heart – And you probably do – So I’m always with you”


I Don’t Know My Name

Quote (interview after song): “I feel like I’m just daydreaming and I’m getting ready to wake up”

⓱entertainment – Gene Wilder’s Iconic Willy Wonka Persona

It’s taken a few days for the finality of Gene Wilder’s passing to sink in. I first saw ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory‘ in my neighborhood theater during its original 1971 release. I’ve since watched it dozens of times and look forward to my next viewing. This scene is one of the primary reasons why it never gets dated…

Bonus: Wilder’s rant at the movie’s conclusion got a frenetic remix worth a view