⓱security – the Mobile Encryption Debate Redux


FBI Director James Comey has announced that the mobile phone encryption debate will soon resume in earnest. This is in contrast to the House Committee on Homeland Security report that followed the initial hearings. The Committee’s research and expert consultants determinied that Apple was right to deny the FBI a back door to their encryption software. The timing of this statement is unexpected considering that just last month the NSA’s hacking tools were stolen and Russian hackers interfered with U.S. elections.


⓱gear – Why You Want a Dash Cam

iuHaving a recording from the driver’s point of view can be invaluable in an accident, insurance scam or criminal assault. This dashcam continuously captures video in an endless loop without any effort on your part.

It automatically turns on/off with your car’s ignition. Records video at high-definition 1080p resolution. Night vision and motion-sensing modes. HDMI output to review recordings on your TV or computer.

The memory card never fills because it erases older unlocked files. This one even includes a 32GB microSD card. It comes with free Amazon Prime shipping and peace of mind.