⓱features – Dark Mode is Coming

With many recent IOS app updates including a dark mode it’s hard to deny the demand exists. It’s jarring at night to have a panel of whitish light shining into your face. And it’s surprisingly better contrast in direct sunlight viewing as well. Another color theme is a welcome customization option and it’s downright gorgeous when done right. Google’s update to their keyboard app is a beautiful example [above].

I expect Apple’s September 2016 iOS Keynote to confirm a system wide dark made given the mounting evidence:

1. It’s consistent with Apple’s recent efforts to reduce screen induced eye strain (Night Shift and True Tone)

2. It’s a perfect companion to the new Space Black iPhone color

3. Apple Maps has had dark (night) mode since iOS 7

4. AppleTV just updated to include dark mode for better home theater aesthetics

5. Latest update to Apple’s own Remote App is exclusively dark themed

6. Windows 10 just added a system wide dark mode

7. Twitter updated to include dark mode Aug 2016

8. Leaked iOS 10 code includes a mention of Dark Mode

I use dark themes whenever possible. Less time with a bright light breaking into my retinas instantly feels better.

I know that I could just put down my phone and spare my eyeballs – but what’s the fun in that?!?