⓱Survival Guide – iPhone Life Without a 3.5mm Audio Jack


It’s still straightforward and inexpensive to get great sound without an audio jack in your new iPhone 7. The key is choosing the right gear for the job at hand. These particular accessories were chosen from personal experience to handle each of the commonly encountered situations.

Best of all they are backwards compatible with your iPhone 6 and earlier. After using each of these products I think Apple was right to forge ahead with the wireless approach.

Your ‘Key to Survival’ is wireless audio via Bluetoth or AirPlay:

Home Speaker (Bluetooth – wall powered): Sonos famous room-filling sound

Portable Speaker (Bluetooth – rechargeable): great sound on the go from JBL

Audio Transmitter for Car Radio (Bluetooth to FM): listen in the car without wires. Pairs automatically. Full review available here

Audio Transmitter for Car Radio (Bluetooth to Cassette): wireless for older vehicles

Home Theater Receiver (Bluetooth and AirPlay): great versatility and awesound sound fidelity. The center piece of your living room sound system

Audio Transmitter for Receiver (Bluetooth): use your exising amp and speakers for the best wireless sound

Sport Headphones (Bluetooth): sweat resistant and secure fit

Economy Headphones (Bluetooth): great sound on a budget

Over the Ear Headphones (Bluetooth): best overall deal for the price and sound quality

⓱apps – Best All-Around Weather App

Accurate knowledge of the weather is essential for planning your outdoor activities.

There are an staggering number of weather apps for the iPhone. Many are good yet still lacking in some critical features. Rather than referring to 3 or 4 separate apps I endeavored to find the one best overall app.

Weather Underground’s ‘Storm‘ is stellar on all fronts – I’ve been using it exclusively for years. In addition to current local conditions it includes sweeping radar and satellite. Hourly, daily and severe weather forecasts are hyperlocal via neighborhood reporting stations. Marine weather is available by subscription.

Handy alerts, notifications and widgets for precipitation, lightning and tropical cyclones respond in dangerous situations.

The included Apple Watch app is truly remarkable. True story: watch alert goes off for lightning before you even hear the thunderclap. Amazes me every time.

⓱apple – Official Keynote BINGO Card for the Fall 2016 Apple Special Event

My BINGO Card this year is equal parts history, folklore, intuition, humor, leaks and wish list. Print out your card and play along.

After a decade of iPhone keynotes we don’t get too many surprises. This distraction should make things a little more interesting.

Unlike traditional BINGO we’re trying to fill the whole card instead of just the traditional up /down /across /diagonal. BTW: It always ends in a tie since were all using the same card.

print pdf: 2016 Apple Keynote BINGO Playing Card

⓱fitness – Plan Your Run & Run Your Plan

A regular change of scenery is essential to offset the monotony of running. But it’s also important to know your total distance and milemarkers along the way. Plan, save and share your routes using the Footpath app. Use your finger to trace a route on the map and the course snaps to the roadway like magic. Precise distances are calculated automatically. It’s especially handy when you’re traveling in an unfamiliar area. Now you have one less excuse.