⓱Survival Guide – iPhone Life Without a 3.5mm Audio Jack


It’s still straightforward and inexpensive to get great sound without an audio jack in your new iPhone 7. The key is choosing the right gear for the job at hand. These particular accessories were chosen from personal experience to handle each of the commonly encountered situations.

Best of all they are backwards compatible with your iPhone 6 and earlier. After using each of these products I think Apple was right to forge ahead with the wireless approach.

Your ‘Key to Survival’ is wireless audio via Bluetoth or AirPlay:

Home Speaker (Bluetooth – wall powered): Sonos famous room-filling sound

Portable Speaker (Bluetooth – rechargeable): great sound on the go from JBL

Audio Transmitter for Car Radio (Bluetooth to FM): listen in the car without wires. Pairs automatically. Full review available here

Audio Transmitter for Car Radio (Bluetooth to Cassette): wireless for older vehicles

Home Theater Receiver (Bluetooth and AirPlay): great versatility and awesound sound fidelity. The center piece of your living room sound system

Audio Transmitter for Receiver (Bluetooth): use your exising amp and speakers for the best wireless sound

Sport Headphones (Bluetooth): sweat resistant and secure fit

Economy Headphones (Bluetooth): great sound on a budget

Over the Ear Headphones (Bluetooth): best overall deal for the price and sound quality

⓱gear – Streaming Music in Your Car WITHOUT a Headphone Jack (iPhone 7)

The Problem: You like to stream music (or podcasts) to your car audio system but there’s no headphone jack on your iPhone 7 (thanks, Apple).

Or you have an iPhone 4/5/6 but there’s no Aux input on your car radio for an audio patch cord.

Or your much older car only has a cassette player.

Or your fancy new car sports a CD slot but no Bluetooth (thanks, Audi).

The Solution: Thankfully there is a single inexpensive device that addresses all of these scenarios. This stylish transceiver gets the bluetooth audio stream from your phone and then transmits it over a FM signal to your car radio. So there is no wire attached to the phone or to the car radio. Once paired it automatically links to your phone when the car radio is turned on. It just works…

The Lumsing Bluetooth 4.0 Car Audio Adapter

Remarkably the sound quality and volume are preserved and there’s no lag or interference noise. There’s a dual 12-volt adapter included so you can charge your phone when in use. The only wire is for USB power. The display magnetically mounts to the dash. Once tuned to an open FM station you can stash it out of site if your prefer. The display unit has some controls but in a year of use I’ve never needed to touch mine. It has a microphone for Siri integration and hands-free phone calls. I recently added one to the other 3 family cars and everybody is equally as thrilled.

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Best of all you don’t have to use one of Apple’s many dongles for an awkward fix.

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