⓱marketing – Target Fails at Apple Merchandising 

Hey Target, “How am I supposed to buy Apple products at your store if there’s no inventory?”

Target Corp reported to Bloomberg that Apple product sales tanked 20% last quarter. Target hinted the problem centered around a lack of “newness and innovation” on Apple’s behalf. First hand experience suggest that Target’s merchandising efforts may instead be the problem.

People shop at Target for housewares and clothing but not high-end electronics. Never have – never will. It’s time for Target to pull the plug. Or at least consider stocking the shelves.

[Picture taken today at the Target Store in Vero Beach, Florida]

⓱work stations – iMac 27″

27″ iMacmid-2010 (with upgrades* as below)

    She’s 6 years old — but with the OS on a solid state drive and the RAM maxed out she’s better than ever…


macOS – Sierra – public beta

3.2 GHz Processor – Intel Core i3

*16GB RAM – Patriot 1333MHz DDR3 (stock was 4GB)

*120GB SSD – Samsung EVO (solid state drive added)

1TB Hard Drive – 7200rpm (stock hard drive)

Apple Keyboard – wireless

Apple Trackpad – Magic 2

Apple Mouse – Magic (not pictured)

Apple Airport Express – wireless N

JBL Speakers – Duet System – silver

JBL Headphones – J88i – white

4 Port Hub – Anker USB 3.0

Monitor Stand – VonHaus curved glass riser