⓱life – Steve’s Wish – The True Definition of Courage

There’s a new “feature” in iOS 10. It’s buried deep within the refreshed Health App and it deserves a lot more attention than it has received. It allows any adult iPhone user to become an organ donor right from their smart phone.

It was something Steve Jobs felt strongly about having had a liver transplant himself. Unfortunately his illness did not allow to see his dream to fruition. Today his successor, Tim Cook, oversaw the unveiling of this life-saving service.

From Apple’s July 2016 Press Release:

“Over 120,000 Americans are currently waiting for a lifesaving transplant — and every 10 minutes, a new individual is added to the national transplant waiting list… On average, one person dies every hour in the United States waiting for an organ transplant because the demand for lifesaving transplants far exceeds the available supply of organs… Apple’s mission has always been to create products that transform people’s lives. With the updated Health app, we’re providing education and awareness about organ donation and making it easier than ever to register. It’s a simple process that takes just a few seconds and could help save up to eight lives…”

Your health information is provided securely to Donate Life America and never shared with Apple.

Please give serious consideration to this option – it is your unique opportunity to make a lasting gift to the whole of humanity.

There has been much talk this week about what constitutes “Courage“. I would argue that confronting your own mortality and considering the health of others after your own passing fulfills any imaginable definition. 

The following video may be hard to watch. But to see a humbled Steve Jobs posthumously thank his liver donor is a moving tribute to the power of this noble act…

You can get more information at DonateLife.net.

From the iPhone home screen select the Health App > Medical ID > Organ Donation > Sign Up

Non-iPhone users can also enroll in the program at RegisterMe.org.

Submitted by Dr. Andrew Leavitt at 17orbits.com


⓱apple – Get a 15% Discount on the Apple Music Family Sharing Plan

Best Buy, Walmart and PayPal are offering a $99 Apple gift card good for a one year prepaid subscription to Apple’s music streaming service. That’s normally a $120 commitment given the monthly service cost of $9.99 x 12 months for the Individual Membership. Apple prominently promotes the $21 annual savings as equivalent to two months of “free” Apple Music. The 17.5% discount brings the effective monthly rate down to just $8.25/mo. 

There is no equivalent prepaid card for the Family Membership because of the inherent savings this plan offers. This plan can be shared with up to six people in your household. That’s a great value – – even at the non-discounted price. 

Your best option on the Family Plan is this deal on eBay that nets a 15% discount. This $100 iTunes gift card* (2 x $50) is delivered via e-mail in minutes directly from PayPal Digital Gifts. It’s currently reduced to just $85. You can redeem it on your iPhone and apply the account credit towards your monthly Apple Music family membership. 

And don’t forget that your first 3 months are always free with the initial trial membership. Qualified students get the best deal at just $4.99/mo.  

Apple Music gets better all the time and now you can get it at 15-17% off. Crank it up. 

*If the listing is temporarily sold out just check back in a day or two. This link will be updated as inventory is replenished or when new deals are announced

⓱apple – The Return of Jony Ive and The ‘Reality Distortion Field’

When Steve Jobs passed he took his “reality distortion field” with him. Apple could certainly use a modicum of that superpower now. ‘Antenna-Gate‘ seems minor compared to the months-long shitstorm over the iPhone 7 missing audio jack.
Deleting the ubiquitous and beloved headphone jack on its flagship product has proven spectacularly unpopular with the media. At the Sept 7 Special Event it will be confirmed as fact and prominently announced to the public. There remains only one person at Apple who can provide the necessary smoke and mirrors to minimize this potential marketing fiasco  – enter Sir Jonathan Ive.

An iconic Jony Ive video was once the staple of every the Apple Special Event: his familiar accent framing the words “incredibly thin” and “aluminium“; the sterile white surroundings of his super secret laboratory; cut to the slick computer animation of Apple’s latest proprietary technology; cut back to the live stage with Tim Cook and “it’s available today. You’re gonna love it”. Magic. Cash registers chime out in glee.

Since his recent promotion and title change Jony’s been conspicuously absent from the keynotes and reportedly scarce at Apple own Cupertino headquarters. He’s been completely out of the limelight other than the occasional fashion show or British knighting. His last video sighting was for the iPhone 5C introduction way back in September 2013 (“it’s unapologetically plastic“, remember?).

So now Apple must bring Jony back in an attempt to warp our perception and reshape reality. Despite his abundant charm and persona the doubters will be plentiful and vociferous. Time, however, will prove that Apple was right to drop this century old analog technology. He will wow  us with the superior sound reproduction from the digital lightning port. He’ll unveil a yet unmanned chip that gives superior connectivity compared to the current Bluetooth. And he’ll show off his new wireless earphones with the”AirPods” moniker.

We’re all in agreement that the future is wireless – but only Apple has the vision to choose the pathway to get there. And only Jony can deliver this message.

⓱security – the Mobile Encryption Debate Redux


FBI Director James Comey has announced that the mobile phone encryption debate will soon resume in earnest. This is in contrast to the House Committee on Homeland Security report that followed the initial hearings. The Committee’s research and expert consultants determinied that Apple was right to deny the FBI a back door to their encryption software. The timing of this statement is unexpected considering that just last month the NSA’s hacking tools were stolen and Russian hackers interfered with U.S. elections.


⓱apple – Official Keynote BINGO Card for the Fall 2016 Apple Special Event

My BINGO Card this year is equal parts history, folklore, intuition, humor, leaks and wish list. Print out your card and play along.

After a decade of iPhone keynotes we don’t get too many surprises. This distraction should make things a little more interesting.

Unlike traditional BINGO we’re trying to fill the whole card instead of just the traditional up /down /across /diagonal. BTW: It always ends in a tie since were all using the same card.

print pdf: 2016 Apple Keynote BINGO Playing Card

⓱style – DIY Black Apple Watch for $33


Due to its immense popularity the Space Gray finish was in limited quantities at the initial Apple Watch release. For just $33 you can make one yourself using your Silver Aluminum Sport model. This option gives the versitility of owning 2 Apple Watches for a fraction of the cost.

You will need:

Black Leather Loop Band for 42mm Apple Watch – $25

Black Protective Case for 42mm Apple Watch – $8

Black Leather Loop Band for 38mm Apple Watch – $25

Black Protective Case for 38mm Apple Watch – $8

⓱marketing – Target Fails at Apple Merchandising 

Hey Target, “How am I supposed to buy Apple products at your store if there’s no inventory?”

Target Corp reported to Bloomberg that Apple product sales tanked 20% last quarter. Target hinted the problem centered around a lack of “newness and innovation” on Apple’s behalf. First hand experience suggest that Target’s merchandising efforts may instead be the problem.

People shop at Target for housewares and clothing but not high-end electronics. Never have – never will. It’s time for Target to pull the plug. Or at least consider stocking the shelves.

[Picture taken today at the Target Store in Vero Beach, Florida]