Samsung has a long and problematic history of repackaging Apple’s product ideas. Even their marketing follows this tired formula. In this ad campaign they choose to loosely riff off the “I’m a Mac” campaign rather than be original.

This series was shown on YouTube rather than broadcast TV. That’s a particularly odd choice considering most YouTube watchers make sport out of avoiding commercials. For that reason it went largely unnoticed.

This montage has roughly the same number of clever jabs as it does painful cringes. The overall effect is that these cancel out and it’s hard to tell the hero from the villain. It doesn’t help that the Android shoppers in these ads are mostly snarky millennial tools. The Apple “Ungenious”actually comes across as the more likeable albeit gullible character.

Recent consumer surveys have shown more new phone buyers are likely to switch in favor of Apple rather than Android. There’s nothing new in these ads to reverse that trend.

Also noteworthy that Samsung only knocks Apple regarding their hardware and costs. But it’s actually iOS itself and the marriage of hardware/software that gives the iPhone the upper hand.

Check out the video here: