Apple’s Mission Statement on Education

I love that this video has no known source and no timestamp because Steve Jobs’ passion was both universal and timeless. In these days of teleprompters and canned speeches it is refreshing to hear such a spontaneous outporing of emotion. Steve’s genuineness was evident in his voice, his eyes, his hand gestures and ultimately in his actions.

His words were chosen wisely and with great conviction:  Passion. Caring. Magic. Curiosity. Creativity. Insight. Expression. Inspiration. Helping. Commitment.

In light of Apple’s upcoming March 27 event on Education I thought it fitting to remember where it all began…

(video transcript – emphasis added)

“Curriculum development – we’re passionate about it. We really, really care about this stuff. We always have – we always will.

Some people think that the primary use of technology in schools is just rote learning. You know, drill and practice: “let’s make sure these kids are prepped for the test so that our schools get good scores to report to the state”. And that is important. But that’s not why we’re all here is it?

We’re all here to teach these kids how to learn and how to preserve their magical curiosity. And to learn how to express themselves creatively.

In business, I know, the people that get ahead are not the people that know the facts, They’re the people that know how to get the facts. And the people that know how to have insight into them and then creatively express that insight. And sell the rest of their colleagues and eventually customers on their insights.

And these are things that are not learned in a spreadsheet. They are not learned by just writing written reports. They are learning by inspiring kids.

We are so committed to making the best stuff in the world for education. And helping teachers deliver it in the best possible way to students. And I don’t know of any other company in the world that cares as much and has cared as long as Apple has. And your have our commitment that that not going to change.”

Well said. Thanks, Steve.