REVERSE Image Search on iPhone (fun and free and amazing)

This is pretty cool…

As an example save this image to your Camera Roll (my buddy is in Paris and wanted to know the name and history of this building. He had taken the photo on his phone and texted it to me.)
Then go to this website:
Tap the “Upload” button and select that photo from your Camera Roll (choose a different one if you are suspicious).
Once it does it’s thing the results are a bit subtle under a page length banner ad (they’ve gotta pay the bills).
The site does a Reverse Google Image Search — easy on desktop but a little trickier on mobile. It’s free and appears pretty secure too. Scrolling around the results page got me name of the building, history and similar photos instantly (even prettier at night).
Very likely this could be the engine for Augmented Reality glasses (remember Google Glass?) Look at building, blink twice with left eye to take pic and upload photo. Get results page with right eye. I’m sold. The photo picker currently let’s you choose Camera for “live” input but I haven’t tried that (yet).
For now I saved the page as an icon to my Home Screen (in a photo tools folder) and enjoy playing around with it. You can also use it for more practical reasons — e.g. finding a higher resolution version of photo you need for a blog post (be careful to not use copyrighted material without permission). Or screenshot a web page of an unnamed product for more info. There are endless possibilities
Just a few mobile apps in App Store but they are only web interfaces with “in-app purchases” to unlock the otherwise free features of the open web.
Thought you might find it interesting. And handy as well. Pass it on if you see fit…