Road Kill – Apple Knocks Off 3 Competitors in a Month

Last month several sources reported the Jawbone UP activity tracker stopped shipping and the device maker’s bills were going unpaid. Updated reports suggest there is still hope for Jawbone’s recovery but expectations remain low. Now Microsoft has confirmed that the Band 2 will be discontinued once the current supply has been depleted.

This news comes just as the second generation Apple Watch is hitting shelves. The Series 2 is being heavily promoted for its fitness capabilities rather than a do-it-all smart watch. Apple recently added social sharing of fitness achievements to better compete with the the growing community of FitBit users.

The remaining manufacturers have aggressively updated their product lines in preparation for the Christmas buying season. The activity tracking market, however, is shaping up to be a two horse race between Apple and FitBit. Much like the smartphone market it is Apple that will dominate in revenue while it’s competitors fight over market share.

Despite their impressive offerings TomTom and Garmin can’t afford to take the Apple Watch lightly. If there’s any doubt just ask Blackberry who quit phone production last week.