⓱applefixthis – Updating to watchOS 3.0 from the iOS Beta Program [THE FIX]

iPhone users on the iOS 10 Public Beta are having trouble updating their Apple Watch to watchOS 3.0 even though it was released to the general public earlier today. The Watch App on the iPhone persistantly reports that the watch’s software is “Up to Date with Version 2.2.1” and that no newer update is available.


For the most reliable results make sure your iPhone and Apple Watch are bluetooth paired, each connected to a power source and that the iPhone is connected to a strong WiFi signal.

Step 1: On the iPhone go to Settings > General > Profile. Delete the iOS 10 Beta Profile.

Step 2: Launch the Watch App on your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Profile. Delete the iOS 10 Beta Profile there too.

Step 3: Power down your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Step 4: Power on your iPhone and Apple Watch

Step 5: Reset the iPhone’s network settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset. Select Reset Network Settings.

Your iPhone will go through several reboot cycles while the network settings update. When it powers on you must log back on to your WiFi. You can then launch the Watch App on your iPhone. Select General > Software Update. Now the watchOS 3.0 should be visible. You should be able to download and install it.

Keep your phone and watch physically close to each other and both connected to power as the update to watchOS 3.0 can take several hours depending on your internet connection speed.