⓱This Years #1 Christmas Gift – Inexpensive Bluetooth Headphones

Lack of an audio jack in the iPhone 7 has everybody talking about Bluetooth audio. The AirPods $159 price tag has turned the discussion towards cost. As a result interest in inexpensive wireless headphones is through the roof.

This is Amazon’s best selling pair (4.5 star rated with 148 reviews):

For under $25 they provide 7-hour battery life (2 hours better the AirPods). They are sweat-proof and allow phone calls with a built-in microphone. The flexible strap insures proper position and comfort. And best of all the ear loops prevent loss – unlike the untethered EarPods.

While not in the same audio realm as EarPods these are a good first pair to see how you like wireless listening. They’re also a good backup in situations where it’s too risky to take a more expensive pair.

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I use mine every day. Once you go cordless – you’ll never go back.