⓱iPhone – No Lines at Apple Stores for the iPhone 7. But That’s Okay

We’re not likely to see sleeping bags and pup tents outside Apple retail stores for the the iPhone 7 or any future phone launch. That’s just not a “thing” anymore.

After all it’s 2016 and most of us are on our second or third smart phone (my 7th). The iPhone’s feature list fully matured long ago. Each model year brings iterations that only a true power user or phone nerd can appreciate. Most of us won’t be impressed with this years bells and whistles.

Let’s face it: your current phone is probably  still “good enough”. You’re gonna keep using it until it breaks or until a new phone comes out that knocks your socks off – that’s not going to happen with this years iPhone 7.

These days it’s less about the hardware and more about the apps and ecosystem. The phone is just the vessel through which the apps and user interface operate.

The smart phone has become analogous to the web browser on your desktop – it doesn’t matter which one you launch because they all serve the same internet experience. They’ve been commoditized.

The iPhone 7 will still move 200+ millions handsets over its two year sales cycle. It will be the number one rated smart phone of the coming year. It will have the greatest market share and profits among its worthy competitors. It’s going to be “the best iPhone Apple’s ever made.” You just don’t need one. And if you still want one – you won’t have to wait in line to buy it.

When my iPhone 6 Plus battery dies I’ll get a replacement kit for $29 and wait for next year’s Tenth Anniversary iPhone 8. See you in line in 2017 – not!