⓱apple – Get a 15% Discount on the Apple Music Family Sharing Plan

Best Buy, Walmart and PayPal are offering a $99 Apple gift card good for a one year prepaid subscription to Apple’s music streaming service. That’s normally a $120 commitment given the monthly service cost of $9.99 x 12 months for the Individual Membership. Apple prominently promotes the $21 annual savings as equivalent to two months of “free” Apple Music. The 17.5% discount brings the effective monthly rate down to just $8.25/mo. 

There is no equivalent prepaid card for the Family Membership because of the inherent savings this plan offers. This plan can be shared with up to six people in your household. That’s a great value – – even at the non-discounted price. 

Your best option on the Family Plan is this deal on eBay that nets a 15% discount. This $100 iTunes gift card* (2 x $50) is delivered via e-mail in minutes directly from PayPal Digital Gifts. It’s currently reduced to just $85. You can redeem it on your iPhone and apply the account credit towards your monthly Apple Music family membership. 

And don’t forget that your first 3 months are always free with the initial trial membership. Qualified students get the best deal at just $4.99/mo.  

Apple Music gets better all the time and now you can get it at 15-17% off. Crank it up. 

*If the listing is temporarily sold out just check back in a day or two. This link will be updated as inventory is replenished or when new deals are announced