⓱apple – All 25 [er, 26] of Apple’s Dongles in One Place [Updated]


Update #2: Apple now has an entire set of USB-C dongles designed for the new MacBook Pro (and all future Macs)

Update #1: Behold the mysterious Dongle #26 just announced by Apple. It’s included in the box with the purchase of a new iPhone 7. But you’ll lose that one so get a spare one for just $9

Although Apple already has a staggering assortment of dongles there is space available for one more. Come Sept 7 the 3.5mm audio jack is expected to be removed from the iPhone 7. This port has been around in larger 1/4″ format for telephone switches since 1878 and the current “mini” form since 1964 when it was incorporated into transistor radios [Wikipedia].

There are tens of millions of existing headphones that will need to connect to the iPhone’s Lightning port. Apple surely has a solution but no such part has yet surfaced.

There is great debate whether this type of adapter will be included in the box with a new iPhone 7. I’m expecting any adapter will require a separate purchase (and not closely resemble the above mock up).

Earpods with a cabled lightning connector should be in the box with Beats-branded Bluetooth “AirPods” avaiable at a premium price.

Here are all of the currently available Apple-branded adapters with their descriptive links (get free shipping by signing up here for a 30-day Free trial of  Amazon Prime)

Unknown-1Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter

Unknown-4 USB to Ethernet adapter

Unknown-5HDMI to DVI adapter

Unknown-630 Pin to Digital AV adapter

Unknown-730 Pin to VGA adapter

Unknown-1iPhone to TTY adapter

Unknown-2Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet adapter

Unknown-8Minidisplay Port to DVI adapter

shoppingMinidisplay Port to Dual-Link DVI adapter

shoppingLightning  to USB 3 Camera adapter

Unknown-3USB-C to USB adapter

Unknown-4Lightning to Digital AV adapter

Unknown-5USB to Digital AV Multiport adapter

UnknownMinidisplay Port to VGA adapter

shoppingLightning to USB 2 Camera adapter

Unknown-2  Magsafe to Magsafe 2 adapter

s0640013_sc7 Lightning to 30 Pin adapter

Unknown-6Lightning to VGA adapter

Unknown-7Lightning to 30 Pin 0.2 Meter Cable adapter

Unknown-9Micro USB to Lightning adapter

Unknown-8USB-C to VGA Multiport adapter

Unknown-9USB-C to Digital AV adapter

shopping-1Mini-VGA to VGA adapter

Unknown-10Micro USB to 30 Pin Dock adapter

Unknown External USB to Modem adapter

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